Seasonal Ornamental Iron Fencing Decor Ideas

Black wrought iron fencing will give your home an elegant, vintage-inspired touch. This type of fencing is often found in the front yards of historic homes and features intricate, curving details, which lends the durable metal a delicate look. Although ornamental iron fencing will add to your home's appearance just by itself, it is also the ideal place to display seasonal decor. Here are some ways that you can dress up your wrought iron fence throughout the year:  Read More 

Go Away, Bambi! Three Effective Deer Fence Designs To Consider

Deer are beautiful, elegant creatures – but they can also destroy your lawn and garden! If you're tired of deer invading your space, the most effective way to keep them out is to build a deer fence around your garden or yard. There are three basic ways to design an effective deer fence that deer cannot jump over. A single, 8-foot fence Deer regularly jump up to 8 feet high. This is higher than the fences used to enclose most properties. Read More 

Worried About Tortoises When Building A Fence? 3 Things To Do First

Getting a fence installed surrounding the perimeter of your property can help provide some needed privacy while boosting curb appeal, but it does come with some precautions you'll need to make first. If you live in an area that has tortoises frequent it, you need to first make sure they are not burrowing nearby. Since many states consider tortoises a protected species, you should follow the next three steps before any fencing is installed. Read More