Getting To Green: Lawn Care Services To Have The Lawn You Always Wanted

If you have been working hard for several years trying to have a lush, green lawn, then you know how much work it is. Lawn care service providers are professionals, and they know what it takes to take your weed riddled lawn and make it look great. While it is going to take some time to get your patchy, dried-up lawn looking lush, a lawn care service can do take care of the work for you when you contract for such services. In the early spring, they will deal with fertilizing, seeding, and preparing your lawn to begin to grow strong. They will follow a schedule for fertilizing, aerate the lawn when necessary, and deal with any problems that come up.

Early Spring and Your Lawn Care

Your lawn should be cleaned in the spring, and any debris left from the fall and winter should be removed. This is a good time for your lawn to be fertilized, as it is getting ready to grow strong in the next few weeks. Your lawn can also be aerated at this time, giving the roots of your lawn much needed air and space in order to grow. Your lawn care services may also seed your lawn at this time and water the lawn on a consistent basis.

Lawn Care as Summer Approaches

Once your lawn starts to grow strong, another round of fertilizer will be applied. Fertilizer is done in a number of steps, and your lawn care services will use a system that they have perfected. Lawn care services will cut your lawn depending on how fast it grows, paying attention to any spots that need further seeding, fertilization, water, or other care. If it is your first year of lawn care services, your lawn may still need time to get to the green lawn you want.

Your Lawn and Cooler Weather

When fall starts to arrive and the cooler weather hits, your lawn may need another round of fertilizer. Your lawn care company will look for areas that haven't done well over the summer and may patch areas with new seed if needed. If you have leaves fall on your lawn, your lawn care services will deal with the leaves until they are gone. 

When you have always wanted a green lawn but you have not been successful, it's time to find lawn care services that can do the work for you. With the right seeding, fertilization, and care, your lawn can become green within a season or two.