Tips For Hiring The Right Fence Company

Adding a fence to your property can be a very wise investment. A new fence can provide privacy, create a safe enclosed area for your family to enjoy, and also add visual appeal to your yard. While it is possible for you to install a fence by yourself, for best results it is a good idea to hire a fence company to do the installation for you. However, if you are spending your hard-earned money to have a fence installed on your property, don't make the mistake of randomly hiring the first fence company that you find. It is essential to select the right fence company for the job. Use the following tips to help you hire the best local fence company to install your new fence.

Ensure that the Fence Company is Licensed and Insured

Before hiring a fence company to install a new fence on your property, always take the time to ensure that the company is licensed and properly insured. While an unlicensed fence company may charge less, working with a licensed company is always preferred and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the company follows all of your state's rules and regulations in order to keep their license valid. Hiring a fence company that is fully insured is also extremely important, as it will protect you financially if one of the fence company's employees is injured on your property or if damage occurs during the installation process.

Request Multiple Estimates

It is always in your best interest to request quotes from several fence companies before making a hiring decision. Make sure that you ask for comprehensive quotes that break down all of the costs line by line. After you receive the quotes, you should be able to clearly see how much you will be charged for materials, labor, and other taxes and fees. Don't automatically hire the fence company with the lowest price—it is important to consider the reputation and experience of each company that you're interested in so you can select the company that provides the best value and quality.

Ask a Lot of Questions

When hiring a fence company, don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Some things that you need to know is whether or not a fence company will obtain plat maps that show property lines, if they will apply for the proper building permits for you, and whether they will get in touch with utility companies to find out where utility lines are located on your property. A reputable and experienced fence company should include all of these services in their price.