3 Unique Solutions For Dealing With Confined Stair Wells

When you need to install stairs, there is not always enough room for a conventional staircase. Today, you have different solutions that will help you with installing a staircase in confined spaces. This can include creating landings, using angles, or installing a custom spiral staircase. Here are a few solutions that will help you install stairs in a confined space:

1. Reducing Stair Space with Landings and Shorter Stairs

The simplest solution to reduce the spaces needed for your stairs is to use landings. A landing is a small platform that breaks up the runs of stairs. The benefit of using landings is that they can easily confine staircases into a smaller square space. Even though the square is going to reduce the length of stairs, they will still occupy the same amount of square footage. This is a great solution if you only want to make the stairs shorter and are looking for the most affordable way to reduce the size of your staircase.

2. Using Angles and Custom-Built Staircases for Smaller Spaces

Landings can also be used to make stairs on an angle. If you want to reduce the overall size of steps, you can use a series of small landings with angles on them to reduce the area the steps occupy. These can also be custom-built staircases that are like spiral stairs and occupy a minimal amount of space. Angled stair landings are great for following the contours of walls that are designed with angles.

3. Using Spiral Staircases to Minimize the Space Stairs Need

Another option that you may want to consider is to use a spiral staircase, which can occupy the least amount of floor space. Custom-built spiral staircases are ideal for confined areas where there is not enough room for conventional stairs. Another benefit of spiral staircases, is that you have the choice of many custom materials, such as metal, wood, and even a combination of different materials. These are great for modern designs and highlighting architectural features. These stairs are also quality built in a factory and installed onsite, so you have finished stairs when you have the staircase installed.

When you only have a limited amount of space available, you will need to install stairs that are more compact in their design. Contact a custom staircase service to get help with spiral staircase solutions to minimize the space the stairs occupy. To learn more, talk to companies like Lamonaca Iron Works Inc.