Three Reasons Wood Fencing Could Be A Good Choice For Your Yard

You have several options in fencing materials, but none are quite as classic as wood. Wood is a popular fencing material because it has an attractive appearance and it can be made into many different styles. Although wood takes some annual maintenance to keep it in shape, it still has some advantages over other fencing materials. Here's why you may want to choose wood for your new fence.

A Wood Fence Is Affordable

Wood is an affordable fencing option when compared to aluminum and some vinyl styles. You can control the cost of a wood fence by choosing economical wood. Pressure treated lumber made from pine will cost less than redwood or exotic hardwood. You could even have your fence made with different kinds of wood for the pickets and posts so you have a fence that withstands insects and the elements at the most affordable cost.

Wood Fencing Is Suitable For Many Uses

Wood is a good material for a privacy fence since it can be put together in ways that your neighbors can't see through the slats. A wood fence is excellent for keeping dogs and children in your yard and it can also be used to keep in livestock or horses as a split rail fence. Wood is also an attractive and classic option for a picket fence in your front yard. Wood can be used to create just about any type of fence you need on your property and it will look attractive at the same time.

Wood Makes Adding Yard Decorations Easy

One nice benefit of a wood fence is that it is easy to attach things to it. You may want to hang bird feeders or plant holders to the fence for added beauty in your yard. You can even add vertical planters for a hanging garden on your fence where you can grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This increases the usable space in your yard and gives your yard a dramatic or artistic flare. You can paint artistic scenes on the fence or attach lights since wood can easily be painted over and over and it is easy to attach things with nails or screws.

When you install a metal or vinyl fence, you can't do much to change its appearance. If you like to paint your house different colors and change the appearance of your property every once in awhile, you can change the look of your wood fence quite easily. You can let the fence age naturally, stain it, or paint it any color you choose.

Another reason to go with wood fencing is that it is a common choice among homeowners, so your fence will blend right in. Since wood is a classic option, you shouldn't encounter problems with neighbors or your neighborhood association like you might if you choose an unusual fencing material or style. Contact a company, like York Fence Co, for 0ore help.