Reasons Why You May Want To Install A Privacy Wood Fence

If you are looking to install a wood fence around your property, you will quickly learn that there are many different types of fences that you can select from. The one you select should meet your needs and your budget. If you are interested in privacy while in your yard, a privacy fence may be ideal for you. This type of fence has the slats or boards side by side with no gaps or spaces between them, helping to create a solid line of wood. Learning the benefits of this type of fence will help you decide if it is ideal for your yard: 

Keeps Prying Eyes Out

The biggest benefit to a privacy fence is that it keeps your neighbors from looking into your yard. If there are spaces or gaps between the boards or slats, people can look in on you while you barbecue, play with your children, or host a party. If you value your privacy, a privacy fence may be the way to go. 

Protects Children From Dogs

Another benefit to a privacy fence is that it helps to ensure children do not stick their fingers between the gaps or spaces and taunt a dog. If you are a dog owner, this is important as you can be held liable if a child does this to your dog and your dog bites the child. As a parent, this is important as you want to do everything you can to protect your child. The solid surface that a privacy fence creates helps to ensure children are protected from any animals you have or that your neighbors have. 

Controls Noise

A privacy fence can also help to control noise. While it will not block out all noise, a solid wood fence can help to deter some sounds. This is perfect if you live near a busy street or have neighbors who are loud. 

Shelters Your Plants

The last benefit to a privacy fence is that it helps to shelter plants. A fence that has gaps or spaces between the board allows the wind to whip through the boards. This can blow leaves and flowers off of your small shrubs and bushes. A privacy fence helps to block the wind, offering these plants a little bit more protection against these elements based on the direction that the wind is blowing. 

If you are unsure whether a privacy fence or some other type of fence is best for you, contact a residential wood fencing company. You can explain to them what you hope to accomplish with your fence and they can help you determine the type and style that is ideal for your space. 

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