Using Chain Link Fencing for Livestock

Owning livestock can be a great way to learn about the responsibilities associated with caring for large animals while enjoying the companionship these animals can provide. Keeping large animals contained can be challenging, so you need to ensure you have the right kind of fencing installed on your property before introducing livestock. Chain link fencing can be an affordable option when it comes to containing livestock. 

Here are three tips that you can use when buying chain link fencing to ensure your enclosures are suitable for livestock containment in the future.

1. Make sure the fencing has a small weave pattern.

Chain link fencing is characterized by its diamond-like weave pattern. This pattern helps to maintain visibility through the fence while allowing the fencing to maintain separation between two areas of land.

If you want to ensure that your chain link fence is suitable for livestock containment, you need to purchase chain link materials with a small weave pattern. This small weave pattern will prevent livestock animals from getting their hooves entangled in the fencing, which could cause serious injury.

2. Invest in coated chain link.

If you are planning to use your chain link fencing to create livestock enclosures, you want to be sure that the fences you construct don't have any sharp edges that could harm your animals. Investing in chain link that is coated with a soft plastic material can be beneficial when it comes to safely enclosing your livestock.

The plastic coating creates a soft barrier between your animals and the metal of the chain link fencing. This plastic coating can also protect the metal fencing from corrosion and potential breakage, which could create sharp pieces of metal that could puncture your animals.

3. Make sure your chain link is tall enough.

Chain link fencing is versatile and comes in many different sizes. If you are planning to keep livestock contained within a chain link enclosure, you will want to be sure the fencing materials you purchase are tall enough.

A fence that is too short could allow your animals to jump out of the enclosure. You should take the jumping capabilities of your livestock into consideration before investing in fencing materials so that you don't end up with a fence that is too short to meet your needs.

Being able to use chain link fencing to enclose your large animals can be an affordable and efficient way to keep your livestock safely contained in the future. Talk to contractors like Rainier Fencing & Decking for more information.