Give Your Fence Some Personality! Four Ways To Spice It Up

Has your fence begun to look a bit drab and boring? As long as it's still in decent shape, it seems silly to replace it entirely. Instead, consider using one or more of these ideas to spice it up and give it some personality.

Paint a mural.

If you have a solid wood fence, consider turning it into a work of art. You could hire a local artist -- or pay a college art student -- to come paint a mural on the fence. This could be anything from a scenic landscape view to a copy of a well-known painting. If you're a bit creative yourself, you can even create your own work of art on the fence. Note that it's perfectly acceptable to trace shapes onto the fence and paint them in -- you don't have to freehand the artwork.

Hang up some bird houses.

Visit a local home goods store, and find some wooden bird houses. Paint them to coordinate with your home's exterior or in any colors you please. Then, drive some screws through the backs of the houses to hang them directly on the fence. Put some straw and birdseed in the houses, and birds will start visiting, literally bringing your fence to life.

Plant some plants.

There are so many options when it comes to using plants to decorate a fence. You can plant unique bushes along the base of the fence, or you could choose plants that climb up the fence. Another option is to screw a few wooden pots or rectangular planter boxes to the fence and then plant some flowers in them. Try to choose colorful plants so they really stand out against your yard and draw the eyes towards your fence.

Hang unique, 3D items.

Visit garage sales or thrift stores in your area, and look for unique, flat items like serving plates and plastic flowers. Spray paint these items a bright color, like orange or pink, and then screw them to the fence in a unique arrangement. This type of decor is sometimes known as "found art." You can change up the art pieces with the seasons.

If your fence is beginning to break down or deteriorate, you'll want to have it fixed before you attempt to decorate it with any of these ideas. Contact a fencing company like Holman Fence LLC in your area to schedule a repair session today.