Three Benefits of PVC Fences

Thinking about installing a fence around your property? It is not as easy a decision as you might think. For materials, there is wood, brick, metal, vinyl and PVC. PVC fences are relatively new to the fencing industry, but with the advancement of the technology that creates this type of plastic, the newer formulas for PVC lend many benefits to its use as fencing material. The following benefits highlight just a few of those benefits.

It Is Stronger Than Wood and Vinyl

Most traditional fences are either wood or vinyl these days. The newest PVC fences are stronger than wood or vinyl, making them a good choice in areas where high winds or frequent tornadoes, hurricanes and windstorms may do some major damage. The PVC planks and post covers require a table saw with a powerful blade to cut them, which speaks to their durability and strength.

It Is Cheaper Than Most Other Materials

Unless you cut down dozens of trees from your own property to make your own fence for free, PVC is cheaper than any of the other fencing materials. It is cheaper than wood, and definitely cheaper than brick and metal fences. In different areas of the country, it competes for lowest price with vinyl fences, but still comes out ahead. Even when you factor in the wooden posts that keep the PVC fence erect, it is still cheaper than most fencing materials.

No Maintenance Required

PVC fences do not have to be rubbed with oil like metal fences. They do not have to be repainted, re-stained and/or resealed like wooden fences. They do not crack or split like vinyl fences. They do not require any replastering, cementing or repairs like brick fences. The only time you need to perform any maintenance on a PVC fence is when you paint it and the paint is beginning to peel off. That is it. If you buy a PVC fence in a color you want and you are not going to paint it, you may never have to do any fence maintenance at all, ever.

Buying and Installing a PVC Fence

Talk to a fence contractor. Ask to see some price quotes on the purchase and installation of a PVC fence. There are a few different styles available, and you are sure to find something you like the looks of. The fencing contractor sets up a date and time to install the fence and you are done.