A World Apart – 5 Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Hot Tub

If you're adding a spa to your backyard design, you probably want to create a haven of peace and relaxation around it. There's no more fitting setting for any spa than one that helps you forget the cares of your day. But how can you build the perfect -- and most private -- environment? Here are 5 options for any budget.

Fence. Adding a privacy fence to one or two sides of the hot tub's location offers privacy that can be focused only on problem areas. A six foot tall wood picket or shadow box fence will shield you from the neighbors' prying eyes, wildlife intrusions, or even wind. But,it leaves open the sides you don't need protected from, making your retreat easier to access and enjoy from the home. 

Enclosure. For the ultimate in privacy, you can't really beat a custom-made enclosure. The specific type of enclosure could vary depending on your yard style, but it's usually made from wood or long-lasting vinyl. If you want to extend the enjoyment of your spa into the winter, you could opt for an enclosure with a permanent roof -- similar to a gazebo with solid walls. Or you could skip the roof and use a four-sided enclosure that's open to the stars. Talk to a contractor with experience in wooden fencing for ideas on customizing your enclosure. 

Greenery. A living fence can help make a lush garden retreat out of your spa. Evergreens -- such as American holly or Rocky Mountain juniper -- and dwarf trees make excellent "fence" lines, which you can then dress up by adding smaller shrubs, colorful flowers, or vines. This can give you a more natural feel that will help make the space relaxing -- especially when paired with landscape features like rocks, a water feature, or yard art. 

Curtains. Looking for a removable privacy screen? Hang some durable canvas curtains around the hot tub. Curtains allow you to add privacy and yet still be able to enjoy the view when you want to. Combine a set of light-colored curtains with a tropical decorative scheme -- tiki torches, bamboo furniture, bold colored pillows, and hanging string lights -- for a fun touch. 

Screens. If your budget is limited, you can use a privacy screen that's actually just a screen. Removable, stand-alone, folding wood or lattice screens are easy to move around and cost less than other options. You can dress up a ready-made bi- or tri-fold screen with an artistic paint job or climbing vines to give it a little more flavor and style.

No matter what the limitations of your budget or your location, you can make a great nook for your new spa with any of these simple privacy screen ideas.