How to Choose the Perfect Fence

Designing a custom fence for your home requires more than just picking a basic design you like. You need to make sure the fence you choose will fulfill every purpose you need without becoming a burden to care for. The following guide can help you choose the perfect custom fence.

Why do you need a fence?

The first question to answer is why you need a fence. Common reasons include the following:

  • Prevent pet escapes.

  • Create a safe play area for children.

  • Protect against intruders – human or animal.

  • Provide privacy.

  • Mark a property line.

You may need or want a fence for more than one reason. Make sure to write them all down during the planning stage so you don't forget anything.

Are there any regulations to follow?

Regulations on fencing are usually enforced by one of two bodies – your local municipality or a homeowners association. Check with both to see what the rules are. Municipality rules may limit you on height or distance from a sidewalk or structure. HOA rules are more likely to limit on color, materials, or basic design. If anything specific isn't allowed or is required, add this to your list.

How much maintenance are you willing to put in?

Maintenance varies depending on the material. For example, chainlink fencing requires no regular maintenance, while wrought-iron requires periodic cleaning and repainting to prevent rust. There are aluminum wrought-iron look-a-likes that are also low maintenance. Another example is wood versus vinyl – vinyl fencing just requires an occasional wash while wood may require painting or sealing. Determine the level of maintenance you are comfortable with before settling on a material. Keep in mind that less maintenance may result in higher initial costs, but you will save money on maintaining the fence in the long run.

Are there any accents you need or want?

By this point you have probably narrowed your fencing down to one or two choices, so now is when you look at your list of wants and needs and add accents to fulfill them all. For example, if you have decided to go with chainlink but want privacy, then you can add privacy panels to the chainlink fencing. If a dog-friendly yard is your desire, then you may want to add plexiglass dog windows to the lower section of the fence. These small details customize the fence so it serves just the purposes you need.

For more advice in designing the perfect custom fence, contact a business such as Deck and Fence Services