Worried About Tortoises When Building A Fence? 3 Things To Do First

Getting a fence installed surrounding the perimeter of your property can help provide some needed privacy while boosting curb appeal, but it does come with some precautions you'll need to make first. If you live in an area that has tortoises frequent it, you need to first make sure they are not burrowing nearby. Since many states consider tortoises a protected species, you should follow the next three steps before any fencing is installed.

Check if Your City Offers Tortoise Relocating

One way you can make sure that the fencing is installed without causing any harm to tortoises that may potentially be living a property is checking if your city offers free relocating. Many states that protect tortoises don't allow homeowners to make physical contact with the tortoises due to the protected status, so you will need to contact the city officials that can bring a wildlife expert to your home for the relocation. Once the service is finished, you can move forward with getting your fencing installed without concerns over any tortoises and their well-being.

Put in Concrete Under the Fencing to Prevent Digging

Another way to prevent tortoises from entering your yard in the future is to make sure concrete bases are installed underneath the fence and posts. What a concrete base does is provide a stopping point for tortoises and other wildlife that would otherwise burrow under your fence. Since most tortoises are notorious for being diggers, this can make a huge difference in protecting the landscaping of your home and prevent you from getting to deal with the intrusion of a tortoise.

Make Durable Support a Priority

While concrete can help go a long way towards preventing tortoises from digging underneath, you need to make sure that your fencing has support underneath that will prevent it from being damaged by tortoises—especially when they're pushing against the fence they want to get past. By making sure the support for your fencing is built strongly with concrete footing, you won't need to be concerned over the tortoise pushing it over and potentially getting into your yard.

Protecting your yard through getting fencing installed still requires some effort towards making sure tortoises can't get in. You may find tortoises cute and fun to watch, but they can wreak havoc on your yard, ripping out grass and other plants, as well as being in danger if you have any dogs or cats that spend time outdoors. By making sure the fencing is installed with the above precautions taken care of, you can be confident that your landscaping has improved greatly. A fence company like Clendaniel Fence Co can give you more information about preventing tortoises from entering your yard.