Seasonal Ornamental Iron Fencing Decor Ideas

Black wrought iron fencing will give your home an elegant, vintage-inspired touch. This type of fencing is often found in the front yards of historic homes and features intricate, curving details, which lends the durable metal a delicate look.

Although ornamental iron fencing will add to your home's appearance just by itself, it is also the ideal place to display seasonal decor. Here are some ways that you can dress up your wrought iron fence throughout the year: 

1. Summer

Iron fences are perfect for showing off your favorite summer blooms and other ornamental greenery. For instance, you can wind either real or faux ivy through it for a lush, charming look. Add pops of color by adding stems of vibrantly colored faux flowers, such as daisies, marigolds or roses. If you have a garden, you can use your own blooms to dress up the fence.

Show off your patriotic side on Memorial Day or the 4th of July by tying red, white and blue bows to the fence, or by attaching small American flags across the front of it. This would be a fun way to welcome guests to a backyard BBQ. You can also attach hanging red, white and blue metal plant pots to the fence and use them to showcase red and white flowers.

2. Fall

As summer turns into fall, update your fence decor to celebrate the new season. Switch out the summer hanging planters for rustic wood versions, and fill them with autumn blooms, such as chrysanthemums, Gerbera daisies and gladioluses. 

Hang a few grapevine wreaths decorated with real or faux fall leaves from the fence, as well as small scarecrows. Get creative at Halloween by hanging pictures featuring creepy witch, jack-o-lantern and ghost designs. Light the way for trick-or-treaters by wrapping orange, black and purple string lights around the ornamental fence.

3. Winter

Add some vibrancy to the winter landscape by decorating your iron fence with green pine wreaths wrapped with red ribbons and studded with silvery pine cones. Exchange the autumn-inspired string lights with elegant all-white or multi-colored Christmas versions. 

You can also drape a fresh-scented pine garland over the fence for an understated, natural look.

3. Spring

Get in the spring spirit by hanging pastel-hued planters filled with purple hyacinths, lilacs, and cheerful-looking tulips from the fence. Another creative, spring-inspired way to hold the flowers is in child-size rain boots, which you can attach to the fence with hooks. 

Other fence embellishment ideas include metal butterfly, bee and other bug-shaped plaques, and small, decorative birdhouses. For ideas on decorative iron fencing, talk to a professional like City Wide Fence Co.