Go Away, Bambi! Three Effective Deer Fence Designs To Consider

Deer are beautiful, elegant creatures – but they can also destroy your lawn and garden! If you're tired of deer invading your space, the most effective way to keep them out is to build a deer fence around your garden or yard. There are three basic ways to design an effective deer fence that deer cannot jump over.

A single, 8-foot fence

Deer regularly jump up to 8 feet high. This is higher than the fences used to enclose most properties. (Many people opt for 4-foot fences or 6-foot fences when their goal is just privacy and security.) You'll quite a bit more for an 8-foot fence than for a shorter one, especially if you go with a sturdy material like wood or vinyl.

If you already have a fence surrounding your yard but deer are jumping in because it's not 8 feet tall, one option is to add additional material on top of it to extend its height. In the case of a chain link fence, you could purchase a 2 or 4-foot tall section of wire mesh, and attach it to the top of the fence by winding wire through it and the existing fence.

Two 4-foot fences

If you don't want to entirely block the view in and out of your yard with a tall, 8-foot fence, another option is to construct two 4-foot fences, one a few feet inside the other. Deer cannot jump very wide, so they won't jump these two fences and risk getting stuck between them.

If you already have one 4-foot fence around your property, installing a low-coat wire mesh or chain link fence about 4 feet to the inside of it. If you don't have a fence at all, consider installing an attractive wood or vinyl fence along the outside of your property and a less-expensive fence four feet inside of it where passersby won't see it anyways.

A 6-foot tall, slanted fence

If your yard design does not allow space for two fences and you don't want to enclose your yard with an 8-foot barricade, this design option is a good compromise. You erect a fence that's 8 feet tall, but instead of standing it straight up, you bend it over a bit to the outside – and support the outside with vertical "slats" to keep the fence at this bent angle. The fence should reach an actual "height" of 6 feet once you take the slope into account. Deer won't jump over the fence because they won't be sure how wide it is when they encounter its slanted side.

If Bambi and his friends have been visiting your yard more than you'd like, contact a fencing company to discuss these options and learn which may be best for you. Contact a business such as Hahn-AA Fencing for more information.